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Laureen's Eating Psychology, LLC

Imagine you not only liking your body but LOVING your body, just as you are.  Life is so precious, why waste another minute hating yourself and your body?  As eaters with eating and health issues, you have come a long way to be the person you are today.  There are very good reasons why you may have extra weight or health issues.  These reasons are not bad, but rather they are our own body's wisdom speaking to us.  It's time to listen.  When we honor ourselves, a new world can open up for us.  Let's work together to find the very best version of you.  In this vast, fast paced world, let's slow down and enjoy our nourishing food.  It is doable, and your possibilities are endless!

Please contact me, and we can work together to find solutions to your concerns.  I offer individual coaching consults, as well as bundled consults to customize your needs.  


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